Fantasy Football

Fanatos is, probably, the most interesting free-to-play Fantasy Football game in the world. With elements of the Football Manager game. Social-oriented. Play against other users or even your friends from real life.

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Pick Your Squad

Use your start budget of 100 Mill. € to pick a squad of 15 players from the presented leagues. In addition, you will have another budget for salaries, 2.8 Mill. €.

Pitch view

Make Transfers

Follow the performances of your players. Make transfers if someone does not cope with the tasks or spends the budget for salaries.


Game Zones

Play inside a game zone with other real users. Increase your level, the starting budget for transfers due to a good performance in your game zone.


Create and Join Leagues

Keep track of your results in the league of your favorite club, the league of your country, the league of the current game-week. Play against your friends, family, co-workers or community in private leagues.

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Play the Cup

In addition to the main tournament, each game zone has matches for the cup. Play against a specific opponent, move to the next round, score more points in round matches than your opponent.

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Keep Track of Everything

Detailed reports on past matches will help to be notified about all the needed information. And detailed statistics for each player will help to understand who is worth taking on your team.

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Best Players

# Pos Name Club Form Points
1 FW L. Messi L. Messi 12.46M 5 190
2 FW C. Immobile C. Immobile 16.85M 4.5 169
3 FW C. Ronaldo C. Ronaldo 11.81M 4.6 155
4 FW R. Lewandowski R. Lewandowski 19.4M 11.5 153
5 MD J. Sancho J. Sancho 4.21M 3.3 138
6 FW T. Werner T. Werner 10.38M 4.2 138
7 MD T. Müller T. Müller 10.16M 7.5 137
8 DF S. Ramos S. Ramos 13.27M 6.1 136
9 MD K. D. Bruyne K. D. Bruyne 11.43M 4.6 133
10 DF T. Alexander-Arnold T. Alexander-Arnold 5.47M 1.9 128

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