Dear Fanatos users, we are glad to present you another big update - divisions.

Starting from Monday (April 12th), all project users will be automatically divided into groups of 16 people. These groups will be called divisions. Within their division, teams participate in the standings for the day, week and month. Also, all users of the project compete in the standings for the season. The best users according to the results of the competitive period receive the corresponding awards.

Rotation takes place every month in all divisions. That is, a game in one division lasts one month.

It is worth sharing our plans for the near future:

1. We plan to return the format of the cup, now within the division.

2. We plan to introduce thematic weeks and new awards, but more on this after the implementation.

Best wishes,
Fanatos team

Dear Fanatos users, we've been working on a big update for a long time and now it's time to announce it.

1) We decided to abandon the division into game zones. Now the competition between users will be held within the same tournament table. However, users will be able to compete with each other within a day, week, month, and season.

2) Accordingly, we removed the link "one football player - one game zone", now one football player can be in any number of user teams. Also removed the salaries of football players and transfers between users.

3) We removed the ability to have two teams at the same time. If at the time of the update, the user had two teams, then only the first will remain.

4) All current user rewards will disappear, but now new rewards will appear (see the next point). The level, rating, number of Fancoins, type of account - all this remains unchanged.

5) Awards. Remained: getting a team's football player into the team of the week, the best football player of the team of the week. Added: 1/2/3 places per game day/week/month/season. All reward icons will be updated.

6) Since now there will be no division into the game zones, we have removed the Game Zone Cup. However, we will change the format of the cup in the near future.

These are just the main points. You can see other changes after the update. By the way, the update itself is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9th.

We understand that some of the points will be inconvenient for current users. As compensation, all users who are currently in active game zones will receive one Fancoin for free.

Why is this happening? Main reasons:

- you need to wait for the start of your game zone;
- only 8 users inside one game zone;
- over time, in the middle of the game, interest in finishing the game zone may disappear;
- the game zone or users in it may be uninteresting to play;
- over time, it becomes uninteresting to receive awards.

Best wishes,
Fanatos team


01.01.2021 • 0 Comments

Dear Fanatos users, Happy New year!

In 2020, we did a lot of work and going to implement a big update soon. Let's remember what year was for the project.

In February, we implemented different formations and Game Zone Cup.

In March, we upgraded weekly reports, added Boosts, and implemented detailed player statistics. Here the news about this big update.

In June, we implemented authorization and registration via social networks. A useful update for our users.

In July, we added the Champions League and Europe League to the list of available leagues.

In August, we added the Ligue 1 to the list of available leagues.

In November, we fully updated our design.

Fanatos team

New design

19.11.2020 • 0 Comments

Dear Fanatos users, we are glad to inform you that we have fully updated our design. Now it's more light, modern and user-friendly.

Fanatos team

Dear FANATOS users, very soon, 11.11, World Shopping Day. Just a good chance to give our users an autumn discount on the purchase of the internal game currency - Fancoins. From November 11 to 13, when purchasing from 5 Fancoins inclusive, all users will receive the same amount (X2) as a gift. Hurry up to take advantage of the offer.

Fanatos team

Dear users, recently we announced a new season on Fanatos. And today we are glad to inform you that we updated the positions of all players. What does it mean?

In football, situations sometimes arise when, for various reasons, a player changes his position on the field, for example, a striker can become a midfielder.

After updating the positions, the squad of each game team will be checked for compliance with the rules of the game, and if there is an overabundance of players in any position, the extra players will be automatically sold. The cost of the players sold will return to the team balance.

Due to this, twice a year, January 31st, and July 31st, we will check and update the positions of all players.

Fanatos team

Dear users, we are glad to inform you that we added Ligue 1 to our list of available leagues. Matches and players of Fantasy Ligue 1 are already available for your fantasy teams

Nearest matches:

28.08.20 19:00 UTC Olympique Lyonnais - Dijon
29.08.20 15:00 UTC Stade Rennais - Montpellier
29.08.20 15:00 UTC Strasbourg - OGC Nice
30.08.20 11:00 UTC Stade de Reims - Lille OSC
30.08.20 11:00 UTC FC Nantes - Nîmes Olympique
30.08.20 11:00 UTC Angers - Bordeaux
30.08.20 11:00 UTC Saint-Étienne - Lorient
30.08.20 11:00 UTC Metz - AS Monaco
30.08.20 11:00 UTC Stade Brestois 29 - Olympique de Marseille

Fanatos team

Dear users, we are glad to inform you that the new season is already on Fanatos - 2020/21. It means that we updated our stats: overall rating, fan league, league by country, TOP 500 players. Pay your attention that user ratings have remained because it impacts on user level and bonuses based on the user level.

We will add the latest transfers very soon. Also, new calendars will be available as soon as possible.

Fanatos team

Dear users, we are glad to inform you that the  Champions League and Europa League are available on FanatosThe first matches will be held next week. So, get ready and pick your fantasy team.

Champions League:

07.08.20 Juventus - Olympique Lyonnais
07.08.20 Manchester City - Real Madrid
08.08.20 Bayern München - Chelsea
08.08.20 Barcelona - Napoli

Europa League:

05.08.20 Shakhtar Donetsk - Wolfsburg
05.08.20 FC København - Başakşehir F.K.
05.08.20 Manchester United - LASK
05.08.20 Inter - Getafe
06.08.20 Sevilla - Roma
06.08.20 Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Rangers
06.08.20 Wolverhampton - Olympiacos
06.08.20 FC Basel - Eintracht Frankfurt

Fanatos team

Dear users, we have some important updates. Please read the information below carefully.

1. We decided to abandon the creation of teams for the (next) week, as it is done in other fantasy football projects. Now, line-ups get points in real-time.

Also, the changes affected transfers. If you purchased a new football player today, he will begin to receive points in games from the moment of purchase, and not from the next week.

Why we decided to make this important change. Firstly, due to the frequent misunderstanding by users of the fact that the teams are formed precisely for the next week. Secondly, it will add dynamism to the game.

The changes will take effect on the following Monday (July 20).

2. We decided to completely remove the achievements, leave only awards. Why: it was very easy to get achievements, and often to get them you had to take a minimum of actions. Rewards are more difficult to get and they have more weight.

Fanatos team