Best Players by Leagues. Season 2020-21


Dear Fanatos users,

All matches in the current season have already been played in all club leagues. This means that we know the best fantasy players of the project in each of the leagues. We invite you to look together at the list of the best players in each of the leagues.

Premier League (England) - H. Kane, total points: 167. Closest pursuer: B. Fernandes (165).

Bundesliga (Germany) - R. Lewandowski, total points: 207. Closest pursuer: A. Silva (158).

Serie A (Italy) - R. Lukaku, total points: 157. Closest pursuer: C. Ronaldo (149).

La Liga (Spain) - L. Messi, total points: 172. Closest pursuer: K. Benzema (150).

Ligue 1 (France) - K. Mbappe, total points: 151. Closest pursuer: M. Depay (136).

UEFA Champions League - E. Mendy, total points: 54. Closest pursuer: E. B. Haaland (52).

UEFA Europa League - N. Pepe, total points: 56. Closest pursuer: Abdallah Sima (56 - worst form).

By the way, we remind you that the matches of the national teams (EURO and Copa America) are about to begin.

Best wishes,
Fanatos Team