Important changes to the project


Dear users, we have some important updates. Please read the information below carefully.

1. We decided to abandon the creation of teams for the (next) week, as it is done in other fantasy football projects. Now, line-ups get points in real-time.

Also, the changes affected transfers. If you purchased a new football player today, he will begin to receive points in games from the moment of purchase, and not from the next week.

Why we decided to make this important change. Firstly, due to the frequent misunderstanding by users of the fact that the teams are formed precisely for the next week. Secondly, it will add dynamism to the game.

The changes will take effect on the following Monday (July 20).

2. We decided to completely remove the achievements, leave only awards. Why: it was very easy to get achievements, and often to get them you had to take a minimum of actions. Rewards are more difficult to get and they have more weight.

Fanatos team