Weekly Reports Upgrade, Boosts, and Detailed Player Statistics


The virus is not a reason to stop working on Fanatos. So, during the quarantine time, we implemented several very interesting and important features. Let's have a look.

1) Weekly Reports Upgrade. Now on the Reports page (Game Zone -> Reports) users can see additional information:

- Snapshot standings at the end of the game week (you can see where you were in comparison with others),

- List of the transfers you made during the week.

2) Boosts. Now our users can spend Fancoins on Boosts. What is it? Boost is a once-only action you can apply to upgrade your team for one game week. At the moment the following Boosts are available:

Bench boost. The points scored by your bench players in future matches of the current week are not reduced by 2 times,

Triple captain. Points scored by the captain in future matches of the current week increase by 3 times,

Triple vice-captain. Points scored by the vice-captain in future matches of the current week increase by 3 times,

15 transfers per week. The number of transfers available this week increases to 15,

+20 Mill. € for transfers. Additional 20 Mill. € to the budget for transfers,

+1 Mill. € for salaries. Additional 1 Mill. € for the budget for salaries.

3) Detailed Player Statistics. Now in the player's profile, you can see detailed statistics by scored points in matches. You can find a chart with the data in Stats -> Points.